Monday, March 3, 2008

...erg..schniggle..schnarf...snarf...gnashing of the teeth...

Have I ever said how
MUch, much, much
I, I, I



and truly, truly


I try, I get them figured out...I think...and then somewhere, somehow...I f**k them up.

Can't help it. Knitting charts make me feel this loopy:


That is truly me at the end of what-should-be-a-relaxing-evening-of-knitting when I have to use a knitting chart. You should be in on my psychedelic torture dreams after one of these anxiety-inducing evenings.

Write it out, you say? Tried that....that's just as bad, maybe even worse.

Every time I use a knitting chart I freaking re-invent the pattern...thank gawd for pics of the finished objects or I would be hopelessly lost.

WHY? Well, the symbols are never quite the same from pattern to pattern, the logic of the arbitrary symbols is almost ALWAYS the opposite of mine, the teenytinylittlefreakingboxes are really the stuff of nightmares for me....and I just do. NOT. learn. that. way, gawdblessamerica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So...what am I doing? Debbie Bliss' Silver Belle. Wish I could post the pattern, but everything I find is down. Thank goodness I already saved the pdf...I think they are going to try to charge for it now...

Gorgeous sweater...I know, Mom, you want to see what I am aspiring to, but I am being thwarted here.

So glad the repeats are consistent...soon I shall BURN, BURN, BURN these charts.

So here is the SLOW progress...actually, the red you see is from what I would call my tutorial swatch...I cast on all the stitches and got busy with the chartfromhell. When my yarn came in, I frogged the red back to the 1st row and am using that as a provisional cast-on...I already hate the hem so will use my new favorite knit picot cast-off when I am done. (If you are feeling a very cranky vibe in this post, yes, it is me...)

The yarn is a beautiful merino (64%), angora (10%), nylon (24%), and metallic (2%) blend from Rowan Yarn/Webs. Love it, love it...though it is not as purple as it looks here.

So, here I am taking pics after a long, braincellsucking, eyeballexhausting day of digitizing, and the oldest diva comes in, looks into my creative space, pics up the gestating object, and asks rudely, "What the hell is this?"
My divas really are so lucky sometimes that I am not a slapper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to explain, but not being a knitter, all she could do was harrumph.

Here we go...more markers than I think I have ever used...Molly really could not understand the red...

The color is really showing all wrong. The yarn is a beautiful plum color...I know all monitors are different, but this is close on mine.

So, I think 11 hours working on the computer is good to screw around with this CHARTFROMHELL again.


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