Sunday, April 9, 2006

Baby sweater

I am amazed by people who post so often on their blogs. I do not feel I have that much to say, and I know I do not have the time!

I have been working on a baby sweater and hat for my god daughter Amy. The baby shower is some time this month. Mom won't tell me when...just VERY SOON! She said if she tells me that it is sooner rather than later I will probably get it there on time. Reverse psychology doesn't work if you tell the idiot that's what your doing, Mom! But the sweater is now receiving it's buttons. The sweater pattern is from the Vogue Knitting American Collection and it is by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I love these knit-from-the-top-down sweaters... this one only had two seams, one under each arm. I used the same stitch pattern in the hat which I made up out of my head. Very happy with the way it has turned out.

More to write about, but time to get in the shower.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

More pictures

Finally I have a couple of pics of the two school dresses I am making now.

This is the new Dudney School of Irish Dance school dress. The design and dress pattern were developed by Susan Gowin of FeisDress. Susan does the embroidery and I do the rest. We finished the first batch for the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Alexandria, VA. Now, on with the rest! (I need to get a picture of the shawl.)

Finally got a picture of the vest I made for my mother a couple of years ago. I used a pattern from Cheryl Oberle's Folk Vests. Mom picked out the yarn...I really do not remember what we used except that it was angora, silk, rayon and metallic, and it felt wonderful. The weight of it makes it drape beautifully. I love the colors.

And here is a pic of my youngest in her pretty poncho. She picked out the yarn...Patons, I think? It has been in the washer several times...gotta love acrylic sometimes! No pattern, just started on my circulars and kept on until it was long enough. There is a hat somewhere.

This is a jacket that I originally started for Molly. She was probably 12 then. Now that she is 14 1/2 it is no longer hip, so Grandma Dolores has claimed it. Almost done...just need to finish the collar border and weave in the wavers.

So for Molly I have started the Rockstar Cardigan from Alchemy. I will post a pic soon.

This is a duster I made for myself (surprised to find this is one of the few things I have ever done for myself) on the knitting machine. Emerald green wool/rayon finished with a black wool crocheted edge. It hangs so nicely. I really like the collar.

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