Friday, July 20, 2007

All alone on a Friday night...

So pitiful. Here I myself. On the computer. With all my posting lately you would think I have no life except a computer really. Things are just moving at that slow summer pace. But, I am working on four school dresses...I have a solo fitting tomorrow...there are 5 solos in the queue...have to send info letters and design cd's...I am almost done with Molly's pinwheel sweater...there is always something that needs vacuuming/wiping/swabbing/staring at...there is a 16th birthday to plan/deal with...there is so much laundry to do that I need a pill or two...and Meave's hair was mysteriously cut...all by just happened...and now I have to decide if I can deal with a very uneven VERY long head of hair or if I am going to bob her hair....and I am here now, by myself at 12:41 AM.

Where's the family? Waiting for Harry Potter. Maggie keeps calling me from the bookstore to give me updates. It is all very exciting. They did not reserve books...but Michael took them this morning to get a bracelet that said they could stand in line TONIGHT to see if MAYBE they might be LUCKY ENOUGH to get one of the extra copies that the bookstore had the foresight to order.

Last phone call from Maggie was about how she was tired so she had gone to stand by the "stupid cheerleaders" who were "cheering on the freaking lucky ones" as they left the bookstore. "Way too cheery, Mom!" Like she would rather come home.

And why am I not there? Fitting in the morning..had to finish the bodice. And I did want some quiet time since tomorrow I have to drive into DC to a feis and then drive home to THEN drive the 2 older divas to ID dance class. Lots of driving tomorrow.

Ah, they are on their way home...with a book and lots of their own stories.

1:23 AM - They are home and All involved insisted on pictures.

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Here's the big kid...he was as excited as the girls!
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Yes, there are 2 books ( see pic above)...your majesty insisted. He said he was not going to wait for Molly to finish since she won't read with him anymore. It's ok...he is down there in the living room right now, 1:30 AM, reading to Maggie and Meave. I love listening to him read to them. And that's SOMETHING because I hate, HATE, will-start-arguments-HATE people reading to me, but I will listen to Michael read to the girls for hours. He may not even know that since when he wants to read me something I tell him I will read it myself...I guess I don't tell him so he won't use it against me and make me listen!!!! On goes the tradition...with the divas.
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Here, the youngest, but most accomplished diva exhibits her best exhausted stance/pout/aura ...think she's asleep? HAH!!!
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