Wednesday, March 14, 2007

So much for wordless Wednesday

There has been interesting feedback from folks about "Oh, Eliza...". A popcorn thought (you know, the ones that keep jumping in your head until you let it out) needs to be fleshed out, so...

Here are some comments:

Dulcinea: "...I've often thought how weird it is that, had I been born a century ago, knitting would almost certainly have been something for me to escape from rather than to escape to."

SinKnitty: "So that was the beginning of where my mother got the idea that knitting was something that made you less of a powerful woman and why I had to teach myself to knit from books because the art had become lost to my mother's generation. And sadly some women still think it's something that lowers them and wastes their time rather than seeing it as a useful art. If only they knew how much Math I have to do! lol! Knitting is what I have had to use all that algebra for."

And Femminista: "Wow! Ditto sinkitty and dulcinea! My mom is a powerful feminist role model for me--but she didn't want to sit down and teach me "domestic arts" although I was desperate to learn them! I learned from books and good old Home Ec!"

Read the rest here: So much for Wordless Wednesday...

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