Sunday, March 11, 2007

She Rides!!!

The youngest asked Dad to remove the training wheels this morning. 5 minutes later I looked out the front door just as Dad let her go and off she went!!! That was the end of that! Hurry, quick, where the hell is the camera....

Is her bike really too small already?

She is so thrilled and proud!

She is growing up way too fast. I am sure I am so freaked out about her getting older because she is my baby...I no longer feel the urge to procreate. Truly. But my little one is so quickly becoming a young lady, leaving the baby behind. It's why I let her lisp...a habit she developed when she lost all 4 front teeth at the same time! I have to ask for hugs now when she gets home from school because she'd rather eat a snack. Her older sister is more likely to sit in my lap now than she is. Well, today she's getting lap time whether she likes it or not!

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