Wednesday, February 28, 2007

More sweaters

I found these top 2 sweaters in my daughters' messy drawers...I have made so many that I forget about them.

This is a very soft wool raglan I made for Maggie a few years ago. It was the first time I tried Elizabeth Zimmerman's top-down, seamless approach. Hooked on this now.

I do not remember the yarn, but I got it at Knitting Arts in Saratoga, CA. Such a very cool store. I had Meave with me that day...she was 3 I think. And she was giving a couple of ladies in the store (a clerk and a couple of customers) fits because she was touching everything. She was fascinated by the colors, of course, but she wanted to feel how soft the yarns were, so she picked up everything and rubbed it on her face (which was clean!). If it was especially soft, she buried her face in it! I was watching her and I had explained that we had to treat the yarn with care, but I could not figure out where she learned to rub it on her face. Then, I finally noticed she was carefully following in the footsteps of an older woman who was doing the exact same thing! I finally told Meave we shouldn't do that because the clerk looked ready to have a heart attack, and Meave asked why the other lady got to do it. So, whatever I picked up, I let her feel as I hid her with my wide butt! I love it that my kids love yarn, fabric & book stores as much as I do.

This was a cotton box sweater I made for Molly before she became a picky fashionista. I found it truly BURIED in her room. She wouldn't be caught dead in this now.

And her highness has decided she will never wear this one I just finished... butthead. So I gave it to my friend Ramonie who was just thrilled. I will post a pic of her when I get it.
Ok, enough of a break. Back to the dungeon.

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