Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh no...musicals

I am a dancer...I am constitutionally and physically inclined to dance. My husband is an actor...same disposition.

Guess what our children are....musical theatre GEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just occurring to me at this moment that my daughters are actually the perfect genetic product of their father and myself. And I can't stand it!

(Oh, you know I can...'cause they are mine and I MUST continue to LOVE them...I must, I must...)

They are cleaning the kitchen and the I-pod speakers are blasting. Do they listen to "Sound of Music" or "West Side Story?" Oh, no...it's "RENT." Even little Meave is singing about "dropping her stash"... oh, man.

Have I ever said how much I actually dislike musicals?

How did this happen to me?

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