Friday, January 18, 2008

Froggin' a Flop

I have been working on a Christmas present for Susan for a long time now. She basically knows what it is, and she is waiting patiently.

I know what I want, but none of the patterns I have or have found do the specific thing that I want, so I have been experimenting. I have ripped this sucker out 4 times already. But I thought I was on to something and had finished 2/3 of what I thought might be a masterpiece...until I tried it on...

Mug shot.

True colors.


The divas were in stitches (ar, ar)! Molly could barely focus her eyes or the camera because she was laughing so hard there were tears. They all declared this a flop.

So did I frogged it all last night, and I will begin again tonight. I will get this done, Susan!!!

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