Monday, January 28, 2008

Maggie's Felted Hair

Can you see it?

It's alive!!! It truly has a mind of its own... and eyes and teeth!

She says it is her friend!


This appears daily. I kid you, not. We use conditioner, we banish it every morning. If we do not brush her hair at night, this is what has materialized the next morning. There is a small one when she gets back from school...and we should take the time to detangle it, but we so hate the process that we ALWAYS conveniently forget. This one was a determined bugger - we had put her hair in a ponytail to try to stave it off, but it appeared anyway. Above and below the hair elastic...INSIDE the hair elastic. It's demonic...

Cut it off, you are thinking. Yeah...I threaten to do just that everytime we sit down for the hour ordeal of getting it out. But I can't do it. Long hair is just Maggie. Besides, she needs it for Ado Annie. And when it is brushed, she has the most beautiful waves with curls around her face.

We used to use Aussie Knot Forgotten. Brilliant stuff. She could comb her hair out in the shower. But the morons discontinued it and it cannot be found anywhere.

I am sitting here writing this because I don't want to go sit over there and work on that creature.

Anyone know of a magic bullet to kill this thing with?

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