Sunday, January 27, 2008


I know, I haven't been posting much. Busy finishing my last Irish dance solo dress...taking a break from the solos to concentrate on a new school account. Totally new dresses for an established school...many dresses to get done.

Busier than normal with this last solo because they wanted it for the dancer's first feis after her 6 month ban (she transferred schools). Still waiting to hear how she did.

All is well here. Everyone's busy...nothing funny to tell...

I know, Mom, my assignment was to write about your grandchildren. They are the same...bossing each other around, poking, prodding, teasing, amusing & irritating the hell out of each other. Then they sit together and watch a movie or "Ugly Betty" and they discuss it like an academic gaggle of dweeb adults...hearing Meave expound upon the psychological impulses of a wild, drugged Betty was rather mind-blowing. Where did these children come from?

Molly continues to develop into a stage manager extraordinaire; Maggie is getting into the swing of "Ado Annie" and enjoying the rehearsals (having to act like a "girl" is interesting); and Meave is having issues with working so diligently on her school work that she is behind because she is too SLOW getting things done!!!! Her attention to detail is slowing her down. Thank goodness her teacher recognizes the irony. This weekend Meave is finishing a project that she should have finished in school. Interesting "problem."

I am coherent today. Thinking about the coming week and contemplating cleaning my sewing dungeon today.............................NOT!

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