Monday, October 15, 2007

A Blink Moment

You know when you see or hear something that just makes you stop...and all you can do is blink a few times?

There is obnoxious music here...

I truly cannot wrap my brain around this.

A comment on this post delineates the similiarities between this and Irish dance...I see it too. But what I do not see in ID is the push for young girls, babies really, to look and ACT as if they are in their 20's. In ID it can be about the sparkly, and yes over-the-top, presentation. But it is not about teaching my young daughter to move like a stripper, to smile like a doll, to look like the newest video-jockey on E! News! The bloomers on my 16 yr-old cover more than those tiny bathing suits!!!

What I cannot wrap my brain around is the psychology of it...the mind set of the mothers...and what it is doing to the little girls who are told that in order to win a child's beauty pageant she must look, walk, strut, pose, and dance like a grown-up stripper. Ugh.

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