Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pink Eye and Loving Sisters

Maggie has had a painful left eye for the past couple of days. Itchy but no yuckiness. Too much pain this morning so I called the doc to check for pink eye. They "seemed" to confirm it...I think they were not going to take a chance so we got some antibiotic drops. Personally, I think it is a stye...or maybe a cold that is irritating her eye because the diva is really lacking in diva temperament at the moment.

When Meave found out that Maggie was sick, she suddenly came down with a "terrible stomach pain, Mama." Meave has absolutely no problems with schoolwork, so I figured a day off would not hurt her. It was all she could do to make her excitement at getting to stay home with Maggie look like a burp!

So after we see the doc, I am waiting to check out and Maggie has laid her head down on the counter. Meave has been standing on a chair behind her choosing a sticker when I notice that Meave has quietly started stroking Maggie's hair. She says quietly, "You'll feel better soon, Maggie." Bless her heart!

We decide to go eat some lunch...Meave has noticed that Maggie might need some food. Sure enough, as soon as we finish lunch, Maggie has more energy and Meave says, "Look, Mama! Maggie has perked right up!" Where did my 7 yr-old learn to talk like this?

When we get home, I tell Mags she should probably rest...so Meave goes into the bedroom and gets a movie ready and tells Maggie to just lie down and feel better.

Later, Maggie is feeling MUCH better and starts teasing both Meave and Molly with her "infective fingers!" I think the kid really does listen when I tell her not to rub her eyes because she can spread the germs, but man she is getting the biggest kick out of making her sisters squeal.

Later, there they are, 16, 11, & 7...sitting on the couch with Maggie in the middle, cuddled and quiet for a change...taking care of Maggie.

Ever said how much I love my divas?

Do all kids have these moments that fill your heart?

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