Sunday, October 28, 2007

O' Great Pumpkin...

(Caution...Mama whining ahead...)

We finally got pumpkins yesterday at the behest of Diva Meave. We were hassled, cajoled, pleaded with, black-mailed, manipulated with hugs & kisses, and finally just whined at until I took her (& Maggie) to get them. The kid is relentless!!!

I am very behind on our usual decorating busy with the ID dresses that have to be done for the Southern Region Oireachtas that the time got away from me. Bad Mama!!

Grandma and Aunt Debbie and the kids are coming over for Hallowe'en...and my house is a mess. Actually, mess is too mild and kind a word. Susi, I am in hell!

We are a messy family...a slight adjustment to my blog description states it correctly: "My mother has always excused our chaos by saying it is a sign of creative for me." She is amazed by our chaos, but she is also amazed and very appreciative of how creative, involved, and happy my divas are...sometimes in spite of their parents!!!

But right now the mess is out of hand. Having company does kick me in the butt. And, I realized yesterday, when we found out we had been designated as the clan trick -or-treat house, that having company kicks the divas in their respective booties, too. The call for a house cleaning today came not from me but from Molly. All are prepared to work...after the pumpkins are carved.

Hey Mom! Coming for Christmas with Auntie Sheila and the new baby would set rocket boosters on this fine rear-end!!!!!

The mess gets to me, too. The smallest thing will finally send me over the edge. Yesterday, it was hair brushes...MY hair brushes...the ones that are supposed to be off limits but seem to have legs that take them off into the nether world...every freaking day.

Yesterday, this not only chapped my ass, it flayed my skin, stripped my bones, drew and quartered me, boiled it all in oil, set it on fire, and then slapped it all back on my VERY LAST NERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yesterday, doing my hair was to be a special, wonderful moment for me. You see, I am back to looking like myself. I have this itch that I get about once every 2 years to cut my hair off. I fall once again into the profound delusion that a short hip hair cut will not only look good on me, but that it will also be easier. NOT! You have to have a cute little round face on a cute little round head with a cute little round perky personality to pull off the kind of hair-do that I want in my fantasy world. I do not...I have a big ol' horse head with a long ol' face and a decidedly NOT perky personality...and short hair makes it all worse! All you see is a LONG face accompanied by irritated crankiness! And then, once I have completely horrified myself with my stupid choice (once again) I spend the next year growing it out so I can finally get back to the bob that looks good on me. My hairdresser, Kayelynn, now has notes in her book on time I come in with that short hair bee up my butt, she is to stand her ground and remind me that it will not look good and that I will then have to deal with the dreaded "Mushroom Head" as I grow it out.

I am also not allowed to go conservative with the hair color. I did that last time and it is SOOOO boring. Yes, I color my hair. After I got sick and my hair grew back in, I had the oddest hair color. My wonderful light, bright red hair was gone and in its place grew this weird alien color. That's what I get for proclaiming myself beyond the vanity of hair-coloring when I was young and arrogant. Stupid girl! Now I say, Bring it on!!!! I am a dark red with lots of bold, light red highlights. Coloring my hair makes me a happy camper!!

And then the hair cut. The bob is back...short, but present. I look like myself once again.

So, yesterday...I went to do the 'do...and the necessary brushes were nowhere to be found. Again. I flipped a lid. Why is it that when I ask nicely for my brushes I simply get an "I dunno" with no eye-contact, but when that lid is flipped, I have 4 brushes in 10 seconds accompanied by high blood pressure and then guilt on my part?

(whiiiine) I just want my brushes to stay in my room because if they join the chaos in this house, they will be lost forever!!! (whiiiiine)

O' Great Pumpkin, hear my plea!!! (The pumpkin carving offerings will come later then.)

Ok, off to the dungeon...

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