Friday, February 1, 2008

Ice Queen Wimple

So here's the pattern: Ice Queen. Easy pattern to get into a groove with. A bit more about this one here: Susan's Wimple...

As usual, I messed with it a bit. I wanted it wide enough at the bottom to cover the shoulders, so I started with larger needles and looser tension on the yarn, then switched to smaller needles, choked up on the tension, and decreased a bit more. Even though I had a good pattern, I frogged a couple of times for one reason or another. Still, it ended up being a little too “fitting” around the neck for Susan, so I am giving this to a Diva with a little neck. Tired of frogging this sucker! (See “Froggin' a Flop for the evolution of this project.)


Here we have Diva Maggie modeling the wimple with the appropriate demeanor...she asked "What the hell is a wimple?" as I was putting it on her. (Yes, my lovely daughter a sailor...but that is a story for another day.) I did not explain very well, just mumbled something about nuns and covering the hair, I arranged the hood in a more wimple-like fashion as part of my explanation and she gave me the pose above.

Now, I have a problem with the way these tubes fit since our faces are not directly on the TOP of our heads! They pull down in the back on me, and I find that really irritating. So, I integrated short rows to add more curve to the back of this hood. The short rows worked very well. Once I figured out how to integrate them into the pattern so nothing looks amiss, it was quite easy. I may add a few more on the next wimple for Susan so that it can rest more easily on the head without the pull down the back.


Here is the side view of the nun-configuration of the wimple. Hanging pretty well in the back.


Here we have Miss Mags back in truer form, attitude glowing because she is really not happy with me at the moment...tried to arrange going out with the "girls" tonight like she's a teenager and I am her chauffuer...NOT happening. The wimple is pulled back into a more typical wearing place.


And here you can see it hangs even more evenly in the back.

These next pics are only to show that I still have the touch...
Pic on the left is her refusal to smile just 'cause I asked and because Diva attitude must rule. Pic on the right is proof that Mama can still pry a good smile out of her whether she likes it or not! Mama rules!!!


As you can see, it is an interesting shape because of the short rows. The end that fits around the head looks very odd in the pic, but I think it is because it is folded so the top/middle scallop seems to sit back from the 2 below it.


I really like this pattern and the scallops it creates at the bottom.


I also really like this particular picot bind off. Definitely not a fast bind off, but very pretty. The directions for this bind off can be found in the pattern itself.

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