Saturday, December 15, 2007


That's my husband's name ... Michael.
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This pic is of us almost 20 years ago...

I have been talking about him, lately. A lot. Good stuff, which actually so embarrasses him that I usually do not tell him that I have done it.

Over the past week, I have related a recent event enough times to family that I have really focused in on a couple of things.

I have said before that Michael and I were not especially enamored of each other when we first met... or the couple of years after. He was my graduate assistant at Memphis State University...yes, I was his boss. I was a few months younger than he, one of those over-achieving, type-A personalities, and a young few-years-into-her-first-professorship types that (probably) looked for ways to push his proverbial mucho macho buttons! Not that he was an angel... If you ever want to know about watching this young, incredibly buff, gorgeous stud walking the theatre halls with no shirt after a stage combat bout... never mind...

Anyway, I have not gone with Michael to his Christmas office functions for a couple of changed, they pissed me off...whatever...

This year, I again declined Michael's half-hearted invite to the festivities. Then, 10 days before the party, I got a call from Michael's second in command, Vikram:"I know you don't like these things, but..." I told him I would be there.

I was really going to have to finesse this. I had already declined Michael's perfunctory invite in no uncertain freaking terms! So, I waited for a few days past the delivery of my last ID dress, and feigned a "cabin-fever" approach to it , "You know, I think I will go with you to your Christmas party! I SO need to get out!" A lesser woman would have taken his deer-in-the-headlights shock to mean there was another woman...but he bought it.

I was actually excited about this although I had no clue what was happening. My dressing activities were depressing (former-anorexic-now-a-fat-woman choosing clothes...), but I did my theatrical make-up tricks ( I am really good at the make-up), pulled out the cool jewelry (Michael gets me the most beautiful things), and I was ready for the pick-up by one of Michael's coolest employees, Sherrie and her husband...I was the "designated driver" for this little family and Michael had the car.

Great place for the gathering. Lights, trees, garlands, fountains. I recognize basically nobody except for Michael's team as they show up, but all are so friendly. They hear I am Michael's wife and I start meeting all of these new folks because they feel compelled to introduce husband is a really great guy.

Sometimes this night I have to poke the other half to introduce me, but for the most part, he is so good about it. He can talk to anybody! I have always admired that. My divas have inherited that. My mother said just the other day that she loves going places with Michael because he draws everybody out.

So the awards start. As I sit there and watch him smile as the folks that he has nominated for awards receive them, it dawns on me that he really hasn't got a clue. There were many awards (my opinion of the company was reversed.)

2 awards left.. Employee of the year. Michael is looking around...he has no clue! Someone else is called and he is cheering.

Last award...I am thinking someone was messing with me...and "THEY BETTER NOT BE MESSING WITH MY HUSBAND" is the thought in my head.

So, it is time for the Manager of the Year award. The big guns up there on the stage start talking about this incredibly cool guy who not only does a great job for the US government, but he looks out for his team. There is no turn-over on this team because of this guy...blah, blah, blah...and my husband is just sitting there, looking casually around to see if he can identify this person...and they call his name. I will never forget that moment as long as I live because it was so clear Michael did not know that they were talking about him... he cocked his head and did a full-body stutter, if that makes sense.

The whole room was hootin' and hollerin'. I will always remember his smiling face. His humility was can't fake that stuff.

The rest of the night, I watched him turn his honor back onto the folks that he truly feels make his job work. And I watched them all hand back the love. I was cornered time and again by folks who needed to tell me what a great guy I was married is a story about Michael...

One of his teammates (that's what he calls them) is from China. She had twins just over a year ago. She had some major health issues and Michael went to bat for her over some disability stuff with the insurance company.

One day a while ago, Michael comes home and tells me that this woman, Sharon, had taken her twins to China so her parents could take care of them/raise head swiveled 'round in disbelief a couple of times, and Michael says (in true Maggie fashion), "Shitty, right?"

Next update, Michael has told her she needs to go back to China to get her children because he can see that this is not good for Mama...and she comes back within the month with her babies.

I cried...Michael cried...parents without their babies is not natural!

So, this awards night, Sharon cannot try hard enough to make me understand that my husband Michael is her hero.

I need to tell him that he is my hero.

Stud muffin.

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